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Furoshiki Teardrop Cross Body Bag Reversible

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Furoshiki is wrapping cloth very commonly used in Japan. It can be used to wrap anything from your lunch, groceries to clothes and even waterproof ones can protect your belongings from the rain… And it’s part of emergency disaster kits for citizens of the country…

Furoshiki is always square, therefore like Origami, tied and folded into different shapes. Never sewn and never cut into… We make bags with Furoshiki of course!

The Teardrop Crossbody bag with ruched sides & Leather 4 chrome ringed strap. Light, the bag itself constructed by tied & knotted and is adjustable.

Made of reversible 107cm  square 100% cotton. Washable / tumble dry. Extra bonus~ travel friendly and you can re-tie into other shapes! Instructions included. Comprehensive how to book available